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Pre-Roll, Out-Stream, Native and OTT


Video Pre-roll ads are a powerful tool that all advertisers should consider. A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected. Pre-roll ads are the most common form of video advertisement. In addition,  there are mid-roll and post-roll ads. No doubt, Pre-Roll advertising is a great way to make a genuine connection with potential customers. Also, videos teach us, inspire us, and make us laugh. In fact, we share them with friends and talk about them long after we’re done watching.

At BOOM Media we have a fully transparent digital video solution for advertisers that allows for site selection by category; audience targeting with data segments; and forecasting tools to understand the budget required to meet your goals. We work with premium publishers in each category in order to deliver to large audiences and make certain that campaigns goals are met.


Targeting Opportunities


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Income

  • Life stage

  • Purchase Intent

  • Behavior

  • Geographic

  • IP Address

  • ZIP Code

  • City

  • Retargeting & Other First-Party Data


Out-Stream Video Ads:

Outstream ads are very high-quality video ads served outside of a video player, between paragraphs of text. Therefore, they are designed to be 100% viewable with the ad being delivered within article feed. Deploys and plays when the unit is onscreen and the consumer is moving the page around giving you a premium publishing context and a positive user experience.

Fastest Growing Supply at a mid-range price:


  • Plays outside of video players and runs in article stream

  • Premium publishing context

  • Designed to be 100% viewable

  • Deploys and plays when unit is onscreen and the consumer is moving the page around.

OTT (Over-The-Top) Video:


Users are now able to cut the cord and bypass the traditional distribution of film and TV content and instead consume via the Internet through OTT apps and services. In addition, OTT is the delivery of film and TV content via the Internet and does not require users to subscribe to cable or satellite pay-TV service. It can be broken into three different models, subscription-based, free or ad-supported, and Pay for individual content.

To get the most out of your video advertising with BOOM Media. Develop a cross-channel strategy that incorporates a variety of delivery methods to engage users at all stages of the process and across all devices.

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