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IP Targeting


BOOM Media is your location-based marketing expert. For pennies on the dollar, BOOM Media can improve your marketing efforts by adding IP Targeting- direct household online targeting. IP Targeting takes the traditional direct mail strategy and delivers a message in the form of banner or video ads on websites online. We can take any physical mailing address and match it to an individual household, hotel, convention center, or office building’s IP address. From there we deliver a variety of banner and display ads and messaging to the sites the targeted customer  visits on the internet. No cookies used. No cluster data. Our technology provides a turn-key solution for local advertisers to target audiences of all sizes and in any area with 95% accuracy. We offer advertisers the leading location technology, premium inventory and real-time-bidding supply.  IP Targeting Examples: Advertising concerts or events to students on a college campus, or targeting Starbucks Wi-Fi cafes and offering customers “in-store” discounts on a bag of coffee beans

  • Highly Accurate Address Level Targeting

  • Zero Budget Waste

  • Timely Targeting

  • Custom Address Lists – We can build custom address lists targeting specific homes. Example: Targeting households that currently own a BMW, Credit Score Above 650, HH Income Above $80,000, Married, With Kids

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