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We Provide Fully Managed Advertising Solutions For Your Business


 It's our mission to help good businesses thrive

Our digital marketing services are designed to help brands and businesses of all sizes grow sustainably and successfully

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Why Boom Media?

Boom Media utilizes a full suite of cutting-edge targeting tools. This is to ensure that our clients are in front of the right audiences at the right time. Once in place, we actively manage and continually optimize campaigns based on actionable performance metrics.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, attract new leads, and convert leads into customers across digital channels. It’s also a great way to engage with your target audience to build a loyal customer base that will keep consuming your services and products.

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Why Boom Media?

What we do


Turnkey Audience Management Solutions


At Boom Media our job is to make your job easy. We do this with online advertising programs that are extremely effective. Our relationships with the top providers and exchanges give us the ability to manage campaigns directly. This gives you the top products and targeting capability available, driving a higher return on investment.


Our direct relationships with the top exchanges and providers produce lower overhead, saving you money. Our clients save on average 30% – 50% over traditional digital media companies.

Boom Media Services:

      Retargeting, Audience Targeted   

      Networks, Contextual Keyword and 

      Behavioral Targeting

      Geo-Fencing, Location History, and Location 

      Retargeting. Look-a-Like Targeting, Gold Standard in

      App Networks, Custom Geo Polygons, Location Visit

      Optimization and Mobile Custom Landing Pages

      Pre-Roll Video, Google AdWords (SEM), Display,

      Google Shopping and Mobile

      Pre-Roll Video, OTT (Over-the-top), Outstream Video

      and Native Video

      Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

      House To House Addressable Targeting and Cluster

      IP Targeting

     Call BOOM Media today at 310 245 0833 or 


What We Do
About Us

about us

Jody Foster created BOOM with the goal of bringing digital tools and strategy to businesses


We are proud to be certified as a Benefit Corporation for Good-

We believe that business can be a force for good in society, and we strive for BOOM Media to reflect that ideal

Jody has spent 20+ years in the media industry providing broadcast and digital advertising programs to a broad range of clients

With BOOM Media she has put her expertise in the digital marketing arena to work to help great businesses make every ad dollar work harder and waste less


Moving to the Pacific Northwest from Los Angeles in 2015, Jody quickly immersed herself in the Portland community by co-founding the Portland Chapter of Conscious Capitalism as well as supporting the Portland Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, and becoming a member of the Corporate Sustainability Collaborative

BOOM Media is here to support your business 

Let's do something great...BOOM!

Call BOOM Media today at 310 245 0833 or email

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